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A spiritual response to graphic images

Computer and TV screens, billboards and tabloid covers, direct mail ads and newspaper reports—all deliver a continual stream of images. Some are entertaining, some useful and informative.

A harmonious childbirth

The writer gives testimony to the harmonious birth of her son.

God’s angels lead us

In my life I have often experienced God sending us His angel messages—pure thoughts—when, humanly speaking, we are at our wit’s end. These inspirations appear in different ways. 

Completely recovered from an accident

Late one night, I got a call from the children’s hospital, saying that my 20-year-old daughter had been run over by a car, and was in very serious condition.

Seeing the butterfly

As I was looking for a book in my bookcase, I was drawn to open one that was very popular a few years ago featuring pictures called “stereograms.” A stereogram is a 3D picture that has a form, such as a butterfly or a flower, hidden inside a pattern.

Can we really 'take umbrage'?

Seeing everyone we encounter as God’s idea brings blessings and healing.

The Bible Lesson in action

Applying truths from the weekly Bible Lesson brings protection and healing no matter where we are in the world.

A grateful heart brings healing

This author shares how expressing gratitude at any time of the year results in healing.

Healing divisive behavior

This author discovered that holding to the truth of scientific being for all her students healed a divisive classroom situation.

Christiane shares her experience with Christian Science while living in the former German Democratic Republic where Christian Science was then banned.