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Prayerful decision-making

This author finds God’s guidance is a reliable presence in decision making.

My Iceland trip and God’s shepherding presence

This author finds that God outlines only good for us, meets our every need perfectly, and is continuously available to help and heal.

Putting down false claims

This author learns how important it is to be alert to the subtlety of error in order to experience God’s healing presence.

Seeing through the lie

Waking up from the lies we tell ourselves.

'Thank you, Father!'

When one seeming crisis followed another, the author had yet another proof that our trust in God is rewarded.

Windows of opportunity

You don’t have to be reticent to share Christian Science. We’re all members of one family “held in the gospel of Love”.

No reactions in God’s kingdom

We can challenge allergies with the understanding that God causes only good for His creation—including us!

God is the only author of our lives

Have you ever thought about God as the author of your life?

The peace of Mind

Amid the storms of life, we can find rest and peace in God, the one Mind.

Prayer with ‘signs following’

The wonderful thing about being a student of the Bible is that we can expect to see healing as a result of prayer.