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A life-changing experience

An honest self-examination leads to a transformation of thought—and to physical healing. 

The transforming power of discipleship

When ordinary men follow Jesus, something extraordinary happens. 

The power behind true prayer

Ice on a tree branch becomes a lesson in potent prayer.

Individualizing infinite power

To “pray without ceasing” means to be conscious of God in everything we do.

Listening to God in silence

When we are able to quiet all our rushing thoughts, we make space within us to hear God’s loving and peaceful messages.

A confidence that can’t be turned

Got a tough job to do? Take a lesson from Moses.

A garden of gratitude

The garden always seemed greener on the other side for the writer, until she had a heart filled with gratitude.

The power of the Word

The weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson is a compelling sermon for Sunday church services—and it has the power to heal.

Turn around!

An illness before a planned trip prompts a healing journey into the pages of the Bible.

The ‘one’ that prepares the way

A direction in the Church Manual about church expands to include daily life.