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Standing up to the bully

Evil may look like an intimidating bully, but we have the right—and the duty—to defend ourselves mentally.

The change of thought that heals and saves

Yielding our thoughts to the power of God, divine Mind, we find transformation—and healing.

The way it's 'supposed to be'? Good!

Several years ago, after much prayer, I was inspired to place my house on the market to sell, with the brave intent of moving clear across the country. However, months went by and there was no sale.

Sharing the love of my life

When asked about his profession by people he’d never met, this new full-time Christian Science practitioner found inspiring ways to talk about his career.

Trusting God—moment by moment

A cooking class yields unexpected lessons about God’s protection and care for all.

I thought my neighborhood didn't need prayer . . .

A Sentinel cover story reveals a vital need the author had overlooked.

The healing power of forgiveness

I learned about the blessings of forgiveness many years ago, after my husband’s passing. I was faced with difficult problems.

A higher protest

I’d always wanted to participate in popular demonstrations against injustice and in favor of a fairer government. But, for many reasons, among them apathy, I had never done this.

Letting go and looking to God

Two summers ago, I was sitting at my kitchen table studying the Christian Science Bible Lesson. The subject for the week was “Matter.

Asking sublime questions

Tackling the tough questions takes courage. But it’s worth it!