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The art of not taking offense

A co-worker’s rebuke prompts a rethink of “taking offense.”

Overturning superstition

Christian Science teachings give us the ability to face and overcome all evil mental suggestions.

God is always in the majority

God is all power, and is always able to heal, regardless of whether a minority or majority believe in and rely on God for healing.

Fearless love

Heed those angel messages that reveal man as the expression of and full recipient of divine Love.

‘Perfect models’

As we heed Mary Baker Eddy’s guidance to “form perfect models in thought,” we will begin to see that perfection play out in our lives.

Aim, focus, heal

Ellen Sprague shares what photography has taught her about healing.

‘Watch and pray’

When the problems of her country seemed overwhelming, the author realized she had the means to confront her fears and find peace.

Safe and secure at home and abroad

A volunteer worker in South Africa finds safety in God during a potentially dangerous situation on the road.

Light of Truth dispels darkness

It’s never too soon to overcome the belief in death.

Divine logic

Some say faith defies logic. But this author finds the laws of God are provable.