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Teachers Talk

Thoughts on the study and practice of Christian Science, from those who teach it.

The first step in healing

Allaying fear first, by understanding God, goes a long way toward solving any problem.

God’s the one with the overview

God always lovingly organizes and directs our lives—our job is to reflect Him, listen for His guidance, and follow it.

You have time to pray

Feeling impatient in a grocery store line, this writer ponders the best way to prepare for daily challenges. 

Fully awake

It isn't when we wake up, but how we wake up that brings peace and purpose to our day.

Prayer out of wordless sighs

A Bible verse points to the inspiration that lifts the author out of a "swamp of nowhere thoughts."

How I prayed when I lost my wallet

For Diane Dailey, recovering her lost wallet wasn't about luck, but about learning to trust God more.

Show me

By washing his disciples' feet, Jesus showed us how to treat one another.

Prayer that illuminates good

Understanding the premise that life is entirely spiritual frees us to see and do good in our lives.

Giving thanks starts with God

"This may seem like a little thing, but mentioning God when you give thanks is actually very significant."

Desire, prayer, promise

Desires deep within are valid and should be listened to—because they're really prayers.