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From the March 1895 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I WAS working out a problem in Christian Science and I thought of this Scriptural passage: "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. " Do we seek to be clean first:' When a sense of pain makes its claim do we as faithfully seek to rid ourselves of the cause of that pain as the pain itself? We do wish to be pure I trust, but is the wish first? We all desire to demonstrate Truth, but do we love to be cleansed so that we can successfully demonstrate? Do we desire Love and its patient work, the humility it brings, the self-sacrifice, the faithful endurance, and the labor, or do we work for the sense of material good it brings? Even when we go back of suffering for the wrongful thought, do we do it to get relief, or is it for the unselfish purpose of getting rid of one more falsity of self? If we seek both, which most? Lately a sense of awakening has come to me of that which has kept us from God, and its repulsiveness is such that I have felt that suffering is the least of our trials.