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From the April 1897 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The following has been written in reply to the lines which appeared in the "News," entitled, "Weakness and Perversity. " God, the Eternal Mind, far-reaching, unconfined, Whose love no thought can comprehend, or goodness has divined; He who pervades all space, in whom all life exists, To whom all powers, all heights, all depths, are less than summer mists; He hath created us, in image like His own— As from the lofty forest tree a thistle ne'er has grown, So from the Mind of God nothing unlike Him springs, For like yields like; God has made us, then are we worthless things? Are we by nature weak, when He is mighty, strong? Must we, while knowing well the right, in weakness do the wrong? Is mind indeed so base?—its source is pure and high; Must we to brutal instincts fall and every virtue die? If this indeed were true, then were our birthright fled, His likeness would be torn away, and all that's vital, dead; Then sin could conquer us, but victors now are we, Knowing that all things shall be ours through Him that made us—free! Why did you do the wrong, desiring much the right? Because yon understood not God, thought darkness to be light, Deemed sin a mightier power than was Omnipotence, Yourself a frail, uncertain thing, helpless, without defence! The flesh indeed is weak, but 'tis not flesh that lives, It is not flesh that to the soul thought and emotion gives, 'Tis Spirit, boundless, strong, that gives us life and breath; The flesh may crumble and decay, but Spirit has no death! Then act, act with thy might! scorn failure and despair, Remembering he who conquers all, a crown of life shall wear! No sacrifice is vain that in His Name is done; Then forward press with steadfast hope until thy goal is won! And all thy future days one mighty song shall be, A song wrought by a Master-hand in matchless harmony! Swelling in sweet refrain, soaring beyond confine, Until thy life is lost in His,—Eternal and Divine! BY ONE "CONCERNED.