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Inspirational verse submitted by readers.

Within and without

Church cleanup day inside and out ah weeding what’s the point really the weeds will grow back won’t they yet this plot was given me to tend and sure the weeds may grow back but won’t it lovingly serve this place this group this community to beautify this space today so I weeded both externally and internally removing each thought  that would obstruct  the divine mission of Church to elevate the race with a little attention the Christ-idea roots out  hurts and frustrations  and what’s left  is just beauty  some weeds  may grow back but I am ready  to tend my plot and patiently persistently expectantly  uncover the radiance  of this church within and without as often as it takes.  .

Here am I

I am here .  .

Ready for progress

in the dark  of night with pain encroaching   a light-filled whisper wings through the wall of shadows:  “When we learn  that error is not real,  we shall be ready for progress. ”  1   the question beckons: am i ready? am i ready for progress?  and suddenly i am awake: yes!  i am ready!  and so despite  insistent clamorings  i turn with focused fervency to give complete consent to God  (in whom error could never be real) who i know has answered  all things has never not been present  has ordained my very being  has consecrated every precious thing  and suddenly  without notice, impasse gives way and i am awash  in All-ness  and here, right here, divine Love carries on Her unhurried, unharried  undaunted dawn of day divider 1  Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health   with Key to the Scriptures, p.

The faithful Magdalen

We probably will never know precisely            what the seven devils were            the Master had cast out those years ago. Or if it had been she who brought the oil           to Simon’s house, perfuming Jesus’ feet—           feet washed with tears and dried with her own hair.

Listen to Love

What do I need  to listen to God? How do I hear what Love speaks?   Does Love need to  turn up the volume   to drown out  the world noise  clamoring outside  my window  or claiming to be  my thinking?  Does Love need to be loud? Not in the world’s way.   Love is like  someone standing  in the room with you,  still and quiet,  until you see  that they were  always there.

the open gate

When will man pass through the open gate of Christian Science into the heaven of Soul, into the heritage of the first born among men? Truth is indeed “the way. ” —Mary Baker Eddy,  Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,   p.

Found freedom

What is this cell of misery? And what are the walls that incarcerate? Are they not thoughts of fear, injustice, loneliness, inadequacy, hopelessness, confinement, worry, and self? Is the confinement within walls— or is it in me? Do I strike out with frustration,  anger, resentment? Or do I reach out and up .  .

After forty years

I have a new plow now and a crop I can count on. The market is full, and the produce is plenty.

Angels know how to find you

perhaps you like Elijah  have found yourself running for your life running from your life huddled in a cave thinking you are alone that all is for naught that you have fallen short might as well pack it in shut down .  .

God’s promise

After a storm makes itself known, God sends a sign— a rainbow. His promise of fruition commands the sky.