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Inspirational verse submitted by readers.

God’s promise

After a storm makes itself known, God sends a sign— a rainbow. His promise of fruition commands the sky.

Divine heights

Early in the morning,                                 inspiration from God can come in all kinds of ways.   Swimming lap after lap, prayers flowing,                   lifting my thought to divine heights—                                     knowing God, divine Love, the one Mind,     ever present, embracing His spiritual offspring, His ideas—you, me, and all.

Promise and fulfillment

God’s promises  arrive completely formed and fulfilled. Promises of Life, God-guided gifts, like the seed, arrive with all needs supplied.

The answer comes

John the Baptist who baptized Jesus and heard the voice from heaven, imprisoned in a moment of uncertainty, sends his disciples to ask,  Are you the Christ, the one we’ve been waiting for?   Silent, the Master does his work heals the tormented the suffering the unclean. Then the answer comes:  Go and show John again  those things which you hear and see:  the blind receive their sight the lame walk the lepers are cleansed the deaf hear the dead are raised up and the meek in spirit  have the gospel preached to them— and blessed are they who are not offended in me.

God—so gentle!

God, You are so gentle, Your timing, so kind;  Your order is perfect— You’re Love divine!  Your power is omni; Your presence is true;  Your knowing complete;  Your action flows through. You, Lord, the light,  I, Yours, the beam.

God created me

My Father-Mother speaks: “You are Mine. ” Perfectly conceived in Mind, Meticulously drawn by the hand of Love, Inscribed on the Spirit-paper of purity, And embossed by Soul.

Put them all out

You, Jesus, were speaking to Jairus, healing his daughter, knowing all along that what you said and did would also be for me and mine and all. And still today, your divine with-us presence comes to put fear and all doubt out.

The armory of innocence

Daniel’s challenge: a den of lions,  the pride of power, the untamed manes of animal prowess.   Today I seem to face them, too: Injustice, illness, anger, sorrow— each one lurking near; each one a fatal error.

O sweet witness

what a thing it is to discover that you were never ever in a day responsible for  the revolutions or distributions of the world  o sweet witness  hush be still behold  consider the steady hands at the helm  divine Love “kindling the stars, rolling the worlds”  1   the whole world (and you) minutiae to magnitude  in Love’s everlasting loving arms —Joni Overton-Jung  1 Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, p. 332.

Promised Land

I’m searching for my Promised Land Where milk and honey flow Where I with God walk hand in hand And children safely grow I long to end my slavery To weakness, want, and sin To see the part in my Red Sea And freedom from within On bended knee I make my vow And gratefully, humbly weep Although I don’t know when or how .  .