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For twelve years I have enjoyed reading...

From the February 1945 issue of The Christian Science Journal

For twelve years I have enjoyed reading the testimonies of healing published in the Christian Science periodicals and listening to those given at the Wednesday evening meetings. Now I have come to the conclusion that I am not doing my part if I neglect any longer to share with others some of the blessings I have received through the study and practice of Christian Science.

Prior to my introduction to Christian Science, I suffered from what the doctors called colitis. During the depression of some years ago this condition was greatly aggravated when I lost almost everything I had in the way of worldly possessions through stock market transactions. Then followed a state of great mental depression.

Many doctors were consulted and an astonishing amount of medicine was consumed, but medical aid was of no avail and the outlook was dark and discouraging. One morning, while I was waiting for a train to take me to a well-known clinic for an examination, a neighbor and friend asked me how I was getting along. My dejected appearance told the story and he said: "The doctors don't seem to be doing you much good, do they? Why don't you try Christian Science?" I answered that I had never heard of Christian Science. He then told me what it had done for him and asked me to accompany his wife and him to a Christian Science testimony meeting the following Wednesday evening. He also gave me several religious articles clipped from The Christian Science Monitor. As I read them, I drank in the spiritual truth they contained and my eyes were opened to see what Christian Science really is. This testimony is an outcome of gratitude for that awakening.