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When I was in basic training at Lackland...

From the January 1950 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When I was in basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, the Christian Science chaplain stationed there called us to his quarters one night for a helpful chat. He had observed that most of our testimonies at Wednesday meetings concerned demonstrations our mothers had made in our behalf when we were children. With us, he was grateful that parents have this help in rearing their children, but after his enlightening chat, some of us began to see that the important thing was whether or not we were each day gaining a little more understanding of Christian Science, and whether we were using our understanding of this truth for ourselves, then and there, as young men who must stand on their own feet.

After this talk, many of us began to take a more vigorous and expectant attitude toward the application of Christian Science. We began to study more and to express our gratitude at Wednesday meetings for help we had received during the preceding week in solving problems common to all basic trainees. Homesickness, maladjustment to military life, personal animosities, fear of failure to win promotion, and physical illness were among the problems overcome. One result was that some of the airmen visiting our services out of curiosity became students of Christian Science. Another was that we were growing in our ability to stand for Truth and reap rightful reward.

I left Lackland Air Force Base greatly strengthened in my religion, and soon after arriving at my new base in Wyoming, I had cause to be grateful for this growth. While another Scientist and I were swimming in a lake, our wallets were taken from our clothing. Little money was involved, but our passes, shot records for required injections, and other papers were of no small value to us. Both of us took a strong stand immediately, knowing that we were under the protection of God's divine law and therefore could experience no loss. The following day I was kept busy denying mortal mind's attempt to make me think that I would never see my wallet again. That evening my wallet was returned, all papers intact; and the other wallet, with all papers, was returned the next day.