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Even though I attended a...

From the September 1993 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Even though I attended a Christian Science Sunday School through my high-school years, I began to drift away from what I had learned there and began to follow many intellectual trends of the time.

I became mixed up, confused, and rebellious toward family and society I also began drinking, smoking, and stealing things from local stores; my morals went downhill. I delved into many different religious teachings and esoteric political philosophies. I could no longer reconcile my thinking, or my hateful and antisocial behavior, with the purity and the healing truth explained in Christian Science.

The confusion lasted for several years. After a marriage ended in divorce, I went away to college, and things got even worse; I became very reliant on medicine to salve an oftentimes pain-wracked body, and began to experiment with drugs. As money became more important to me, my job became full-time and schooling part-time. One day my boss called me in, asking me to explain another mistake. He told me, "You had better get your life together or I'm going to have to fire you." He also said confidentially that he could see I was suffering from lack of spiritual guidance, and suggested I turn to the religion in which I had been raised. This man had great love for God, and I had respect for him.