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What if you've suffered or done such wrong in your life that you feel you can never get over the consequences? God's truth not only can free you, it will.

From the May 2005 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Daniel had been shot while trying to protect a family member. Doctors operated on him, but said it was too risky to remove a bullet near his heart. Although he lived, Daniel was filled with rage because of the shooting. He began a life of crime, and was eventually sentenced to prison for 25 years.

While incarcerated, Daniel started to study Christian Science and learned a new way to think about God, and about himself and others as God's children. Although he felt he needed a great deal of regeneration, he made progress toward forgiving himself when he realized that a child of God can't have a bad history.

Daniel still felt pain from the bullet and great anger toward the person who shot him. He asked the Christian Science chaplain who visited him in prison if prayer could heal him. She said God could do anything. She knew that Daniel loved his baby niece, so she asked him to think of the man who had shot him as an innocent child—just like his niece. He said he would try, not thinking he could do it. But later he realized that he would either know God's truth or he wouldn't, so he prayed. Within days, metal fragments came out of his chest naturally. He felt God had given him a new heart—physically and emotionally. His anger was completely gone.