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From the June 2009 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I WAS READY TO BE MARRIED. I had a home, a career, investments, even a cool car. The one thing I didn't have was someone special to share my life with. I wasn't much into the dating scene, but I was ready to follow God's guidance, whatever direction that took.

I took my copy of Science and Health and found the spiritual meaning of bridegroom in the chapter "Glossary." That felt like a good place to start in my prayers. My eyes fell on the first two words in that definition: "Spiritual understanding" (p. 582). What great instruction! What I most needed was spiritual understanding.

Very slowly, I began reading Science and Health from start to finish. Some days, I would read only a paragraph, or a page. Other days more. But always, I would highlight a sentence or passage that made me think. It took me about a year to finish the book, and even though I still had no prospects for marriage, I felt I had grown in my spiritual understanding to a great degree. I was standing on firmer ground mentally, was no longer lonely, and had a great trust that God was continually leading me, married or not.