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Following the example set by the question-and-answer columns in the early Journals, when Mary Baker Eddy was Editor, this column will respond to general queries from Journal readers—such as the ones below—with responses from Journal readers. You'll find information at the end of the column about how to submit questions


From the January 2010 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I truly want to believe there is a God, something more than just my imagination, a real being in and of Himself/Herself. But couldn't it be that the concept of a God is just to get the human mind or brain to think and act more beneficially? What is the difference between prayer in Christian Science and the effect it has on you and what a psychiatrist can do for you by calming the human mind or brain with his/her techniques? Once your brain has something better to think about, isn't that the point? Isn't prayer just a good—possibly beneficial—mind game not really needing an actual God?—A READER IN INDIANA

A1 You and all humanity deserve an answer to these pivotal questions. Mind games—even a strong belief in God—don't solve humanity's need to know what's real and true. Whether religiously or psychologically based, human mind techniques may seem to benefit temporarily, but ultimately, something more is required than just changing bad thoughts and beliefs into good ones.

Christian Science prayer transcends the human mind and initiates spiritual awareness—an awareness of God's nature and presence. Based on the laws of God as demonstrated by Christ Jesus in healing all kinds of abnormalities, spiritually scientific prayer leads to permanent healings and a deepening understanding of God and one's own perfect spiritual nature. This added take-away of deeper spiritual understanding is actually greater than the freedom from discomfort and stress, as wonderful as that aspect of a healing is.

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