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FAQ on the healing practice

Christian Science teachers respond to frequently asked questions that have come up at workshops on becoming a Christian Science practitioner.

Should I wait until my issues are resolved before trying to help other people?

From the June 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Q: I’ve still got issues that I’m praying about in regard to myself. Should I wait until those things are resolved before trying to help other people?  

A: Most Christian Science practitioners will tell you that some of the leading elements to prayer involve a willingness to do two things: 1. Listen for God’s Christly, healing messages. 2. Obey and follow what you’ve heard. It’s not the state of the practitioner or the practitioner’s body that heals; it’s messages of Christ, Truth, when accepted wholeheartedly, that cure and regenerate.

God, divine Mind, is constantly imparting information to us—no matter who we are, what we’re doing, or how we’re feeling. The Bible says, “And we have confidence in the Lord touching you, that ye both do and will do the things which we command you. And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God” (II Thess. 3:4, 5). It is so beautiful to know that God’s tender, genuine, healing messages are continually touching you and directing you. Stillness and receptivity will help you hear those thought-transforming messages. So, when you’re praying for someone, become as still as a pond on a quiet summer morning. Then be open and receptive for what will uplift thought. Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “The best spiritual type of Christly method for uplifting human thought and imparting divine Truth, is stationary power, stillness, and strength;
 . . .” (Retrospection and Introspection, p. 93).

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