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Of this I am sure, that each Rule and By-law in this Manual will increase the spirituality of him who obeys it, invigorate his capacity to heal the sick, to comfort such as mourn, and to awaken the sinner. —Mary Baker Eddy, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 230

During the coming year, authors will explore a dozen or so of the By-Laws found under the heading “DISCIPLINE, Article VIII, Guidance of Members” in the Church Manual. We hope this new series will encourage you to take a fresh look at the Manual, be inspired and guided by the divine direction it offers, and will lead you to these and the other By-Laws offer, and share your own insights into how following these Rules is guiding you to a fuller life practice of Christian Science. 
 —The Editors

'Correct' Literature: the letter and the spirit

From the June 2012 issue of The Christian Science Journal

No Incorrect Literature.
A member of this Church shall neither buy, sell, nor circulate Christian Science literature which is not correct in its statement of the divine Principle and rules and the demonstration of Christian Science. Also the spirit in which the writer has written his literature shall be definitely considered. His writings must show strict adherence to the Golden Rule, or his literature shall not be adjudged Christian Science. A departure from the spirit or letter of this By-Law involves schisms in our Church and the possible loss, for a time, of Christian Science.
— Mary Baker Eddy, Manual of The Mother Church, Article VIII, Section 11 

Mary Baker Eddy regarded her discovery of Christian Science as a revelation from God so essential to the healing and salvation of humanity that she could not shrink from recording it in its native purity for all to understand and practice. She knew from the outset this would not be an easy task; the revelation would meet with resistance because it required that those reading about it make a fundamental shift in their perception of reality.

Even so, every step of the way Mrs. Eddy humbly, reverently, and steadfastly subordinated herself to God, divine Truth and Love, letting Him bring her thought into precise accord with what He was revealing in everything she wrote. Thus, she could say: “The works I have written on Christian Science contain absolute Truth, and my necessity was to tell it; therefore I did this even as a surgeon who wounds to heal. I was a scribe under orders; and who can refrain from transcribing what God indites, and ought not that one to take the cup, drink all of it, and give thanks?” (Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, p. 311).

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