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Your Questions & Answers

Following the example set by the question-and-answer columns in the early Journals, when Mary Baker Eddy was Editor, this column will respond to general queries from Journal readers with responses from Journal readers. You’ll find information at the end of the column about how to submit questions. Readers are also encouraged to go to Chapter III of Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, by Mary Baker Eddy — “Questions and Answers.”

If all the Christian Scientists on earth prayed for world peace, could world peace be manifested?

From the September 2012 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Q: Suppose all the Christian Scientists on earth prayed for world peace on the same day, and also to see the dictators and despots in their true nature, as God sees them. Could world peace be manifested? —A reader in Illinois, US A: A war between Russia and Japan had been waged for over a year when, in June 1905, Mary Baker Eddy asked every member of her Church to pray daily for the war’s amicable settlement.