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Doing the works of Jesus

From the June 2014 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Jesus promised that those who would follow his teachings would perform the same and even greater healing works than those that he did (see John 14:12). This promise is as true now as it was in Jesus’ time and applies to healing the different types of diseases facing humanity today.

Jesus continuously affirmed God’s pure love for man and all creation. And the truth he preached touched hearts, changed thought, and healed bodies. His prayers were bold protests against the report of the material senses, turning thought away from dietary laws and over-concern with the body (see Matthew 6:24, 25). His was the medicine of divine Mind.

Today there is an ever-increasing interest in examining the connection between mind and body. In recognition of the influence that mentality has on health, even some medical professionals are desiring a more spiritual approach to healing and health.