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Employment for all provided by divine Love

The author shares how prayer helped his friend find meaningful work.

Divine Love corrects man

There’s a lot to learn from the story of Zacchaeus in the Bible.

Healed of acute circulatory shock

This author’s climb not only involves hiking, but has a lot to do with climbing in spiritual understanding.

Christly love brings healing

The author prays to gain a clearer sense of man’s true, God-given innocence.

My legs were completely healed

This author goes from despair and pain to joy and healing, as the power of God dawns in his thoughts.

Healed of multiple ailments

This writer experiences victory and healing from stubborn problems.

Never out of God’s presence

The author shares proof of God’s care in her life.

Spiritual progress leads to an instantaneous healing

This writer from Cameroon shares his quick healing.

Nothing can stand against God

A student shares the challenges and victories involved with hosting a Christian Science lecture on campus.

Proving divine perfection, living a full life

Acknowledging that life is eternal brings progress and new possibilities to our lives.