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Editors' Table

Staff editors at the Sentinel and Journal offer tips and insights on writing for the periodicals and sharing testimonies and articles with a worldwide audience.

Sentinel and Journal — What's the difference?

The missions Mary Baker Eddy gave to the Sentinel and the Journal tell us a lot about the character of each magazine.

What should I write?

When you want to write an article and you’re not sure how to begin, here’s an idea to help you get started.

Relevance and resonance

The articles that appear in the Sentinel and Journal should reach people where they are and speak meaningfully to their situations.

A word on copyrights

Sharing an experience in the Christian Science magazines doesn't mean you can't also share it in other venues. Here's why.

'Would you be willing to pray'?

Today's editors of your Christian Science periodicals are praying daily right along with you. And we can't wait to read the inspiring results.

Writing: making oneself available to God

A funny thing happens on the way to completing a metaphysical article for the Christian Science publications: transformation takes place in the thinking and character of the writer!

Value your voice

What’s the difference between these two paragraphs below? (Hint: There’s no right or wrong answer.)

A word about our process

Have you ever wondered what happens to a submission once you send it off (and you should!) to the periodicals?

Your writing inspires healing

For months, I’d been in a funk—feeling low about the way things were going in my life—and I couldn’t quite shake the feeling.

No more rejection

Writing for the Christian Science periodicals isn’t about getting published. It’s about recording and sharing God’s message.

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