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Editors' Table

Staff editors at the Sentinel and Journal offer tips and insights on writing for the periodicals and sharing testimonies and articles with a worldwide audience.

A contributor to the Sentinel and Journal shares how he’s prayed about the editing process.

A dynamic mix of work and fun

There are a few schools of thought on writing.

Articles that speak to the heart

Many of you reading this column have subscribed to the Christian Science magazines for several years or more, which means you know that thrilling feeling that comes when an article just speaks to you.

On equal footing

Relate to readers by sharing how you’ve applied Christian Science.

We thought we’d post some gratitude that came directly to one of our editors, from a contributor.

Thoughts on testimony details

How much is too much, or maybe even too little, when it comes to testimony details? There's no formula, but here are some helpful tips.

Stop wrestling with self-doubt

Ideas for prayer when writer’s block has you singing the “Can’t do it” blues.

An online ‘cup of cold water’

What happens to an article after it's published, and how does it get shared online?

Would you rather talk than write?

All about The Christian Science Journal and Christian Science Sentinel audio podcasts and how you can contribute.

Aim for a single key point

My first published article in the Christian Science Sentinel taught me a key lesson in writing for the Christian Science periodicals, namely: to aim for a single focused theme or concept. 

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