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From the October 1886 issue of The Christian Science Journal

From a local standpoint, we see the cause of Christian Science advancing; yet at no period of its history have more weighty responsibilities devolved upon its alleged adherents than at the present,— no time when God's demand was more imperative to separate ourselves, to show our colors, and come forth boldly to face the enmity which is biting at the heel of Truth. One marked feature in this outlook is the rising up of false prophets and teachers on every hand, as of old, seducing the people; defamers, blasphemers, deceivers, adulterating the Truth,—of whom, we regret to acknowledge, not a few once held rank with us, who are now careering forth under the name of Christian Science, | boasting that they have shared bountifully of our loving teacher's instruction and counsel, which leads into the understanding of Christ,—the Truth, the Way and the Life,—which makes their error the more deceptive and dangerous.