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From the November 1891 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I want to add my mite to the testimony of those who, through the understanding of Divine Science, ascribe to God the glory for that which has indeed made all things new to them. For several years I have labored with the world's "bread-winners," my chosen field of work that of school teaching.

Three years ago I was obliged to leave the city,—where I had lived since childhood,—because of ill-health. But the old beliefs—bronchial troubles—followed me to my new home, and hope almost fled. Since girlhood, I had been nominally a Christian But, although I believed God indeed forgave "all our iniquities," it had never occurred to me to take hold of the other part of the promise too, and believe that he was able and willing to "heal all diseases." For many years, I had had but little faith in medicine, and rarely resorted to it; so, when even a much-boasted climate failed to accomplish all I had hoped for, there seemed no alternative but to submit to the decree of Providence (?). My acquiescence, however, was not cheerful and willing, but I endured with a constant sense of rebellion against such slavery.

Before coming here, I had heard of what was called Christian Science, and had attended two classes under different teachers, but failed to find anything helpful or satisfactory. Two years ago, when under a heavy shadow, because of a combination of physical ailments, through the solicitations of a friend, I attended the class of one passing through this city, who called herself a Scientist. This third experience only confirmed the former; and while I did not feel inclined to antagonize the so-called "Science," it did not appeal to my convictions as Truth, and I mentally resolved to have no more to do with it. A month or so later, however, I was persuaded to try once more, and went through a class held by a resident Scientist. In the very first lesson I was convinced that what had been presented to me previously, was Christian Science in name, only, and though without understanding the wonderful Truth, so ably and clearly put forth, I was convinced that at last I had been led to the infinite Love that heals and saves.

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