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From the June 1893 issue of The Christian Science Journal

This article was later republished in Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896: Mis. 297:15-298:23

OWING to isolated instances where students of certain idiosyncracies misuse and misintrepret my teaching, and because of a religious mania or of wantonly refusing to comply with the obligations of wedlock, I hereby publish in unmistakable language the following statute in the code of Christian Science:— A man or a woman having voluntarily entered into wedlock, and accepted the claims of the marriage covenant, is held in Christian Science as morally bound to fulfill all the claims growing out of this contract, provided, such claims are not relinquished by mutual consent of both parties, or this contract is legally dissolved. And if the man is above a brute he will count the consequences of his own conduct— the effects on himself and his progeny— of selfishness, unmercifulness, tyranny and lust.