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From the September 1895 issue of The Christian Science Journal

"BEHOLD , I bring you glad tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people," —words of hope, health, and Life, to those in greatest need, to the sick or injured one, vainly opposing the verdict of death as the only remedy for suffering, to the helpless victim of evil habit, to the sin-sick outcast, to the disheartened and sorrowing one who "has nothing left to live for," to him, who, having no sure foundation of Truth to stand on, sees with dismay the ravages of contagion, crime, and disaster, sees the growing contempt for law, chastity and human rights, sees the failure of man's inventions, material, legislative and doctrinal, to make men truly healthy, honest, good and pure No thinker can fail to see that these discordant conditions but emphasize the demand for a higher and better understanding of Good; a foundation Principle, absolute, universal, unchangeable, establishing in the heart the law of Love, that of itself destroys all evil. Impossible! Yes, manifestly so,— of mortals; but the eternal fact of God, who is Life, Truth and Love,— this is the glad message that Christian Science brings, revealing the "perfect God and His perfect creation," and enabling its followers to practically teach and demonstrate in this age, "man's dominion over all the earth," materiality, sin, sickness, and ultimately, death; and this shall be done through fulfilling the two great commandments, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me," and "Love thy neighbor as thyself.