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From the September 1895 issue of The Christian Science Journal

WHAT can I ask of Thee, O God, Who giveth all to me? Life, Truth, and Love, the only Good, Thy gift eternally! And can I ask for less than these, Or do I plead for more! Have I with outstretched arms received Of that abundant store? Or do I ask for life to fill My cup with pleasures vain,— A human sense of life that leaves The dregs of want and pain? O Life divine! thy joys supreme Are far removed from these, And endeth not in discord, For all thy ways are peace. And when I ask for Thee to lend Unto my darkened way, The light of thy dear Love and Life, I know not how to pray, For Love and Life omnipotent Are omnipresent, too; And a true prayer would be to know And prove this statement true.