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From the November 1899 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Men may reasonably inquire why it is that so many adverse criticisms from pulpit and press, of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," are being made, if it really is such a key and explains the principle and law of the spiritual healing taught and practised by Jesus in the first century, as claimed by Christian Scientists; and why is it that one class of honest readers pronounce it full of unreasonable and contradictory statements, while another class, equally honest and intelligent, claim to find its reasoning faultless, its statements invincible, and that it brings into such clear view the healing truth of the Scriptures, that every honest and patient student of the two books can demonstrate their verity and unity. It may also be as reasonably asked why so many scholars and thinkers of every civilized country on the globe, both now and in the past, have made the same criticisms against the Bible that are now being made against Science and Health.