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There are many who think Christian Science treatment...

From the October 1900 issue of The Christian Science Journal

There are many who think Christian Science treatment may be good for minor complaints, such as are often commonly called "nervous troubles," but that there is no possibility of the treatment being able to reach "real disease," such as consumption, heart-disease, tumors, typhoid fever, venereal, so-called incurable conditions, also the effects of heredity and congenital malformation, and it is to these incredulous ones that these few words are addressed. Those of us who have seen the "glory of the Lord" in the healing of many or all the above list of ills, do not need further proof of the power of God to heal "all manner of disease," as we find recorded in Matthew, 10: I , for we know whom we have believed, and would attest our gratitude for these mercies by a life devoted to the spread of God's kingdom among men, that others might learn of the way out of bondage to the freedom of the children of God.