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I want to tell of a demonstration which was quite helpful...

From the January 1901 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I want to tell of a demonstration which was quite helpful to me at the time, and the remembrance of which has been on different occasions a great source of encouragement. On this particular occasion there had fallen to my lot the task of completing some business with a real estate firm, which, according to the testimony of mortal mind was a hard one to deal with, and error had frequently prophesied that there would be trouble when we made the final settlement, "as every one else had trouble." I had seen the need of meeting this claim of error for some time, but instead of coming out bravely and knowing its nothingness, I see now that I had in place taken on quite a load of fear and dread of the whole affair, and especially of certain ones belonging to this firm whom I had to had to deal with, and they had in consequence grown to be alarmingly big personages. I also see now, that the affair had been quieted somewhat by the thought that this event which I was dreading was some time in the future, and there would be plenty of time, then, etc., so that the confession must be made that I found myself in quite a state of dismay when recently the trend of events suddenly made it necessary to pay this distasteful visit at once. In the hurried preparations which followed this hasty summons, I was dimly conscious of trying to reach out for the Truth that could blot out this distressing sense which seemed to hold sway. No light seemed to appear, but instead the darkness and confusion seemed to increase as my preparations to go down own were completed, and on putting on hat and gloves the sense of fear was so great that I stopped and began to look around for some way of escape, when my eyes fell on the Christian Science Hymnal. I do not know how it was or why, but the thought came, "There is your help." Taking it in my hand it opened at hymn No. 73, and I sat down and sang the first and second stanzas, and then commenced the third one. I had no need to go on. "Heirs of the same immortal bliss,"—these words which I found there, brought the clear light of Truth, and the reign of fear was ended. In a moment I saw that what I had feared was but an object of my own creation, as we are told so plainly in "Miscellaneous Writings." That all men were the reflection of Love, and really and truly "heirs of the same immortal bliss." So I found there was nothing to fear. I will only add that I went down town and completed this business without the least trouble. The men that mortal mind claimed were so quarrelsome and tyrannical, were courteous and obliging, and the matter was completed pleasantly and satisfactorily to all concerned.

When the belief which had been entertained of another creation besides God's creation had been cast out, it had no more power over me.—

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