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Testimonies of Healing

Perhaps a message from Newark, N. J., may not be...

From the January 1901 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Perhaps a message from Newark, N. J., may not be amiss in giving to the Field a few demonstrations that have taken place in this city, from time to time, within the last year, as proof that the divine Principle of Christian Science is in a degree reflected here. It is a pleasure to record these facts in return for the many helpful words and experiences coming to us through the Christian Science publications. At a recent testimonial meeting a member gave an account of the healing of a large tumor which surgeons had pronounced incurable without recourse to the knife. It has wholly disappeared. His wife, a few months ago, was a helpless chronic invalid, with a so-called incurable nervous malady, which had for years baffled the skill of the best physicians in this country and in Europe. She is now rejoicing in a higher and larger sense of health, life, and joy, and is an active member of the church.

Word was received late one evening to treat for a sprained ankle—that it was impossible to stand upon the foot. The Truth was realized and the morning revealed a harmonious condition, the patient going about her duties down in the city as usual. A patient was treated a number of days for pain and soreness of the arm with swelling of the hand; the case did not seem to yield, but the treatment was continued. One day the gentleman came in to say that he was quietly sitting at home when he felt something snap with quite a loud noise, his wife also hearing it. From that moment he was able to use his arm, put on his coat, etc., which for some time he had not been able to do. It proved to be a case of mental surgery, the patient recalling the fact of a fall, at which time the joint at the shoulder must have been dislocated. Neither the patient nor healer knew to what to attribute the difficulty.

An interestin demonstration in the case of a little girl, who, while playing in the street, had a quantity of powdered lime and sand thrown into her face, a portion lodging in one of her eyes, causing great agony. She was taken to a noted oculist who, upon examination of the eye, laconically settled the matter by saying, "Nothing can be done—the eye will have to come out;" and then referred them to a hospital where the same verdict was rendered by two specialists; a lotion being prescribed for a day or two to relieve the pain, which did not have the desired effect. A Christian Scientist was called who treated the child, after which she went to sleep. The treatment was continued for a few days, when the parents decided to consult the specialists again. After examination by one of them, the other was called to note the marvelous change; both exclaimed, "Why, what has been done?" It is needless to add that the Christian Science treatment was continued with the result that the injured eye became as perfect as ever.

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