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More than two years have passed since my healing...

From the January 1901 issue of The Christian Science Journal

More than two years have passed since my healing through Christian Science. As soon as it occurred, I had a strong desire to write and express my gratitude and joy, but after considering the matter, I decided to wait until later on to do so. The reason of this was, that when I spoke of my healing, many people would ask me how long it was since I was healed. On my replying a few weeks, or months, they would smile, and shake their heads, wisely remarking that they had heard of such cases before, and they always got as bad as ever, soon again. Now, since I am still perfectly well, they say I never was sick any way. So I see there is no necessity for me to wait any longer, for mortal mind will always try to prevent us from giving in our testimonies. Two years ago last May I was invited to visit a cousin of mine who was interested in Christian Science. While there, I read some in the Journal and "Miscellaneous Writings." I had never heard of such a beautiful theory, but it really seemed impossible to think, for a moment, that it could be made practical. I told my cousin that if Christian Science really was what she thought it was, it was what I had been longing for all my life. It seemed like some lovely strain of music, which I had long since forgotten, but which, when I heard it again, I instantly recognized.

I secured the address of a leading Christian Scientist in Ontario, from the Journal, and wrote her, asking if her religion really was what I had heard it was. I shall never forget with what anxious longing I looked forward to the answer to my letter, and when it came, it more than fulfilled my expectations. I shall always remember with grateful heart, the interest this lady took in one who was a perfect stranger to her, and the kindness and patience she expressed in answering my many questions which now I can see must have appeared ridiculous to her. On returning home I immediately wrote for Science and Health, and while studying it in connection with the Bible, I was healed. I had not been well for eight years, and I frequently used to wonder what weakness I would manifest next. When quite a young girl, I had typhoid fever, which left me weak; and immediately following that, I was troubled with dyspepsia, indigestion, constipation, liver complaint, and frequent sick headaches, and another more serious disease, from which I suffered constantly. which the doctor said could only be helped by an operation, but which I was afraid to consent to. One day, while I was reading Science and Health, some one made the remark, that I was looking better, and I suddenly realized that I was feeling perfectly well. Previous to this time, I would work a while at my housework, and then lie down and rest; but while reading Science and Health, I would work as quickly as possible, in order to have more time for study; and I at this time found I was doing my work without any inconvenience. After we see an example in mathematics worked out correctly, it is utter absurdity to doubt the principle of mathematics; and so it seemed to me in regard to Christian Science. I knew in my inmost consciousness that it was of God, and I understood why Mrs. Eddy used the word Good to express God; and, oh! I understood so much better than I ever had, the word God, which always seemed indefinite to me some way.

My husband, after taking a few treatments from a Scientist, was healed of inflammatory rheumatism and the tobacco habit. I neglected to state, that a few days after I began reading Science and Health, I discarded my glasses, which I had worn for years, and my eyes were perfectly strong, and have remained so. After these demonstrations, my thought turned to my little boy, who had always been bow-legged, and his ankles crooked, so that his toes turned in instead of out. With the little understanding I had gathered from study, I began treating him. My husband and I received class instruction in a few months, and in about a year, my little boy, four years old, was made straight and perfect in limb. Only a mother can realize the richness of my joy to see my little one made whole. One doctor I took him to, just laughed, and said not to worry, for bow-legged people were always strong; and another one said he would have to have iron braces, and wear them a long time; and he advised me to let him remain as he was, rather than cause the child so much suffering. So I had given up in despair, until Mrs. Eddy's explanation of perfection gave me hope. Is it any wonder we love our Mother, when her words have led us into such health and happiness?—

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