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From the January 1901 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The human mind throughout all historic ages has been searching for the science or true wisdom which would relieve it from its ever present and unabating distresses. It has continually looked for this needed science in matter,—in that which has no intelligence of its own and which has, self-evidently, no Science to give. At this awakening hour, Christian Science pertinently asks if that which cannot possibly have any sense of Science, can be the source or origin of it. Can Science be found in the realm of the inert and non-intelligent? Does wisdom bid us look for healing balm in that which has it not and knows it not? Do not reason and long experience alike inform us that the merciful fury of discord and disease remain because we have searched for their remedy where it never was and can never be? Christian Science again asks, if it is not time to look for the remedial or Christ Science where it evidently must be, in Mind. If the united efforts of mankind in the material schools of the past and present have failed to find the needed remedy for the unquieted woes of man, surely we may be justifiel in seeking it in another and different direction. How evident it is, even to human reason, that Science is not discerned by or known to the physical senses; for if it were, all Science would at once be known to all who are in the possession of these senses. The child would know Science as well as he of riper years; for the sight, hearing, feeling, etc., of the child are as quick and accurate as in matured manhood. From the sense standpoint alone man saw the sun, sky, and earth, a thousand years ago, as clearly, perhaps, as he does to-day, but to the mind how different are these appearances viewed at the two periods. The unlettered man hears the ancient languages when spoken as distinctly as the greatest linguist. Yet how different it is to the one from what it is to the other. This difference, however, is wholly mental. Therefore, growth or development springs from Mind and not from matter. Is it not apparent that Mind must explain the nature and source of everything cognizable of these senses, until they and all error to which they bear testimony are lost in the glorious light of the Truth revealed. A belief in Mind or Truth as finite will ever explain phenomena as finite, mutable, and mortal. To the physical senses alone, which are emanations and exponents of this belief, man is mortal, and the grave consigns all things to endless oblivion or nameless nothingness. We cannot evade the conclusion that material sense or matter is not the source of Truth in any degree, but that in Mind only can it be discovered, understood, demonstrated, and experienced. Of old it was discerned by the righteous prophet of Truth that when Christ came he would not judge after the sight of his eyes or the hearing of his ears, but would judge rightly. Independently of revelation we readily perceive that if true Science and true phenomena are to be found in and deduced from Mind, then this Mind itself must be right, perfect, even absolute and infinite. Hence, to look for true Science and real phenomena outside or away from this infinite Mind, must ever result in error and discord. Therefore, according to prophecy, right judgment is not derived from physical sense, and right reason is in perfect accord with Scripture. Jesus Christ understood a Science that he could utilize for the weal of man in every line of his abounding needs. His Science never failed, and always worked for the good and never for the injury of men. Did he look or advise us to look for it in mindless matter? No. He declared repeatedly that he found this marvelous and unfailing Science in the divine Mind or Spirit,—the very opposite source from which the world was then, and now is, looking for it. His Science overcame every so-called law of matter, sin, disease, and death. His reversal and annulment of the human sense or claims of evil, and his correction and improvement of the human perception of good, continued to rise higher in degrees of demonstration until his final ascension, when evidently all physical, finite, and erroneous phenomena disappeared to him, and the perfect and eternal manifestation of Spirit appeared as the eternal reality of Being. The way of this Way-shower must be our way. If we would have his Science, his remedy for human woe, must we not look for and find it where he did? Did he not teach his disciples and followers to look where he looked and to find where he found? If they could find as he advised, is not the search open to all, and his promises of reward alike within the reach of all? Did he bid us to search for what we could not find, or to do what we could not do? Was this matchless demonstrator of the Science of Mind, or Good, mistaken in regard to the true method? If he and his true followers searched and found then in the right direction, must not the same direction be right now? If Science is not to be found in the infinite and all-wise God, who is and ever will be omni-science, then indeed may humanking send forth its long wail of despair, since it cannot be found in that which now is and ever has been the origin of disease and death, namely, matter. But Christian Science comes to humanity with the demonstrable assurance that Jesus did look rightly for man's needed help; and more, that the same source now is and ever will be open to all who rightly seek; that each may prove for himself in a degree that will abundantly satisfy him that the Christ way is the Scientific way for all times, climes, and peoples, whereby sin and disease may be effaced from consciousness through the action of spiritual law and modes which God is ever unfolding to the willing and ready thought. The Bible and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker G. Eddy, lead along this sure way to the divine Fountain of this healing Science, from which all may freely drink and be eternally gladdened and blessed.

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