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As one who has derived untold...

From the January 1919 issue of The Christian Science Journal

As one who has derived untold benefit from the study of Christian Science, I am taking the opportunity of telling others what it has done for me. I did not take it up for physical healing but to get acquainted with the true idea of God and man. and my search for the truth has not been in vain. My father, who is a strict orthodox Jew, a Pharisee of the old school, had me well trained in rabbinical law, and saw that I was careful in obeying the strict letter of this law, including all the rites and ceremonies connected with it. Under this teaching I did what seemed to be my duty toward God and man, but the more I tried to please this God whom I was taught to fear, the more hopeless and discouraged I became. My spiritual instructors gave me to understand that it was a great offense to read the New Testament, but a few years later I began to read the gospels and thought them most wonderful and inspiring, although I was very skeptical and antagonistic at first. As I was always of a religious turn of mind and given to study, I used to visit the public libraries in the hope that I might discover the truth about all that seemed to perplex me. After much effort and disappointment I came across "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, which from the beginning appealed to me.

It was about the beginning of 1912 that I first became interested in Christian Science, but owing to apathy and indifference I did not study it seriously, as I thought I knew all about it after a year's study. I found out later that I had never made a greater mistake. It was not till a few years later, when a great trial stared me in the face, that I put all my energy into the study of the textbook, and I now look back with thankfulness for Love's chastening rod, for I know how to rejoice in tribulation, since "all things work together for good to them that love God."

Since the commencement of my study of this religion I have had a great spiritual uplift and a transformed mentality. Words are inadequate to express my gratitude to God's messenger of "good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people." After only a few weeks' study of the textbook, I overcame the unwillingness to eat certain food which was not considered "kosher" by the ecclesiastical authorities, and now eat anything that is put before me, "asking no questions for conscience sake." The Christian Science church services are a never failing source of comfort and joy. Divine Love has also made me the instrument of imparting this glorious truth to others of the Hebrew race, for which I am deeply grateful. I have indeed great cause to "rejoice, and be exceeding glad." One of my brothers is also quite enthusiastic about Science and Health.--

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