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I would like to express my gratitude...

From the January 1919 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I would like to express my gratitude for Christian Science. Two years ago, while trying to board a fast moving car, I was thrown to the pavement, sustaining a severe cut on the chin, and, I learned two weeks later, a broken wrist. During this time I used the hand to carry things and to shave myself. The first thing I remember doing after the fall was to cast out of consciousness all resentment toward the motorman for not stopping the car; then all pain left me. A clerk at the drug store where I went to be cleaned up, refused to do anything for me, saying that I would have to get a doctor to sew up the cut on my chin. I told him, however, that I did not need a doctor, and went home. my brother, who is very much interested in Christian Science, used his understanding to good advantage, helping me a great deal; but after two weeks I was still unable to go to work. A friend, thinking the wrist out of joint, advised me to go to a surgeon and have it put back into place. The surgeon said the wrist was not out of joint, but had been badly broken and that he would have to break it again and reset the bones, also screw a plate on to hold them in place. X-ray pictures plainly showed a break, which I doubted, having used the hand right all along.

An appointment was made with the surgeon to set the bones the next day; but that night I decided to go to a Christian Science practitioner instead. After four weeks' treatment I went back to my work, which requires two good hands. Many times during the first days mortal mind said I would have to rest the hand a while longer, but some of Mrs. Eddy's words would come to me and I would receive strength anew until at last the truth prevailed. Many other blessings have come to me and mine through the study of Christian Science, for which words fail to express my gratitude.—

I wish to substantiate the testimony regarding the healing of my brother's broken wrist through the healing power of Christian Science alone. It was just as he has stated. I also want to give my own testimony. I have had many positive proofs of the healing and regenerating power of Christian Science during the past eight years. When I first took up its study. I was informed that it claimed to heal all manner of disease. I had my doubts of that and did not hesitate to say so; but since then I have experienced and witnessed so many healings that all doubt has long been removed. A few of the ills of which I have been relieved are chronic stomach trouble, catarrh, and severe eyestrain. For these physical healings I am grateful, but for the understanding of what God is, my gratitude to Mrs. Eddy is beyond words to express.—  

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