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From the April 1931 issue of The Christian Science Journal

WHEN, some years ago, the writer had the privilege of visiting for the first time The Mother Church in Boston, she was very much struck by the kind words, "You are very welcome." The spirit of brotherly love that lay behind the words gave her such a warm feeling of being at home, of being made welcome in the big family of fellow workers, that fresh inspiration and a better understanding of universal brotherhood were gained. As she pondered this experience in the light of Christian Science, it became very clear to her that this could not have been otherwise; for the God-inspired desire to see more of the activities of the Christian Science movement was answered by that same Mother-love which prompted it, and must fulfill it even in detail.

And so these loving words of welcome, creating an atmosphere of home—likeness and kindness, point one to the divine source of all good. They hint at the tender Mother-love of God, who always bids His children to come home, to come to the recognition of man's dwelling place in the divine Mind. This same Mother-love inspired and sustained Mary Baker Eddy in her life of selfless service, causing her to watch and "pray without ceasing," so that she might prepare a home in the organization of The Mother Church for all seekers after Truth.

How was it possible for our Leader not only to become the Discoverer of Christian Science and writer of its textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," but also to accomplish the gigantic work of establishing and organizing The Mother Church? Was it not because she understood in such a full sense the fatherhood and motherhood of God? Was it not her reflection of unfaltering and all-embracing divine Love which animated and sustained her during her journey through the wilderness of material beliefs?