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From the October 1965 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In a speech of which excerpts were printed in a booklet entitled "The Challenge of Greatness" Dr. John Turkevich of Princeton University expressed his conviction that beings something like the human race exist on other planets in other solar systems and have attained a degree of intelligence that may be superior to that of the people on earth. He believes that millions of years ago they sent out their wisdom through space and that this information is available to us now if we only knew how to receive their communications. Evidence is not presently available to prove whether his conclusion is right or wrong.

But evidence is presently available to prove that communication is constantly taking place between omnipresent, omniscient Mind, through its ideas, with every individual everywhere. Also, that the ability to cognize and be enlightened by these intelligent ideas is natural to everyone. This Mind and its ideas are immaterial and invisible, but they are substantial, immutable. Communication is a function of intelligent Mind and is continually evidenced in and by the ideas that express good. Mind is ever articulate, never mute.

For example, what constitutes good character in an individual are thoughts such as honesty, justice, goodwill. Where do they come from? The individual cannot make them. Mind is their origin, their substance, and their continuance, and Mind includes them in the consciousness of its expression, man. Mind provides the remedy for the wrong thought of dishonesty in the right thought of honesty, the remedy for injustice in the right thought of justice. So Mind provides the remedy for every wrong thought in the right thought that will destroy the wrong thought.

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