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The simplicity of healing

From the December 1981 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Physical healing in Christian Science should be the most natural thing in the world because this Science proves that man's real and only state of being is one of health and wholeness. When we are confronted with disease or any discordant situation and are praying for healing, we have at our disposal God's unchangeable laws for help. His law of health and harmony is ever operative. It is the spiritual law of divine Love, which embraces the whole of creation, including man. God has created man in His likeness and maintains him always at the standpoint of present perfection.

In her book No and Yes Mrs. Eddy says, "God's law is in three words, 'I am All;' and this perfect law is ever present to rebuke any claim of another law." No and Yes, p. 30. As we feel the magnitude of this beautifully simple fact, we will have no difficulty in applying it in practical demonstration. In the all-embracing infinity of God's love for man, any validity of material sense testimony is precluded. It has to be. If all is God, good, and His manifestation, then man, God's offspring, can express only good. Within the understanding of this absolute goodness the reestablishment of our sense of health is natural and simple.

Truths such as these are not hearsay. Mrs. Eddy was a deep student of the Bible and spent many years pondering Jesus' healing practice. This research was indispensable to her discovery of Christian Science, and the truths of the Bible remain the foundation of its teachings. Christ Jesus, our Way-shower, demonstrated what the Christ is capable of. He met disease and sin fearlessly as their master; he cleansed the lepers and raised the dead. Mrs. Eddy says of his practice: "Jesus never asked if disease were acute or chronic, and he never recommended attention to laws of health, never gave drugs, never prayed to know if God were willing that a man should live. He understood man, whose Life is God, to be immortal, and knew that man has not two lives, one to be destroyed and the other to be made indestructible." Science and Health, p. 369.To the degree that we embody the Christ-principle and follow Jesus' example, our demonstration will emulate his, bringing instantaneous cure.

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