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Christian Science is the only way of life...

From the December 1981 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Christian Science is the only way of life I have known. With much gratitude for the many wonderful healings I have had and seen, I mention a few of the discordant conditions that have been overcome through Christian Science: colds, constipation, alcoholism, lack, unhappy relations, and grief. All of these have been permanently healed.

One of my first healings came while I was at work. A small bottle dropped out of my hand, fell to the floor and broke. Then I felt something go into my eye. I went to the ladies' room but I couldn't find anything in my eye. Still it felt as if something was there. I went back to work, but I also prayed for myself, as my eye did not feel normal. (I told none of my fellow workers about this.) Once more I went back to the ladies' room. This time I declared that God was present, right there. Sure enough, with no problem, a small speck of glass came out at the corner of my eye. This may seem like a small healing, but it was a big step for me. It was the first time I applied Christian Science for myself without turning to my father or to a Christian Science practitioner for help. This experience proved to me the allness of God.

Another healing I had involved a growth on my neck—a problem I had had for years, but one I'd never done anything about. I was living away from home at the time, and although I was attending Christian Science church services and was a member of The Mother Church, I really wasn't putting my understanding of Science into practice. Early one morning I called my father and told him my neck hurt. He said he would pray for me and that I could go on to work. Even though I was very fearful, I went to work and stayed as long as I could. But the pain did not let up.

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