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Hold up the heavens

From the December 1981 issue of The Christian Science Journal

A horseman riding along a road came upon a sparrow lying on its back with its feet up. The rider stopped, went over to the sparrow, and asked, "Why are you lying on your back with your feet up?" The sparrow replied, "I heard the sky was going to fall today." The horseman smiled and said, "Do you think those puny legs of yours can hold up the heavens when they start to fall?" "Well," responded the sparrow, "one can only do one's best."

When discord is shrieking all around us, can we, like the little sparrow in this story, do our best to "hold up the heavens," that is, to keep our thoughts totally aligned with the absolute dominion of God? Regardless of what error, the false evidence of the material senses, seems to suggest, do we make every effort to hold up the "heavens"—our consciousness of Truth?

We can be certain that God is all there is or ever will be, and that harmony is His law. When error tempts us to believe that everything around us is collapsing, we need to remind ourselves that man is not a mortal in a material world trying to make or create harmony. Rather, man is spiritual and forever inseparable from God. In our real being as God's man we dwell forever in heaven, which Mrs. Eddy so beautifully defines as "harmony; the reign of Spirit; government by divine Principle; spirituality; bliss; the atmosphere of Soul." Science and Health, p. 587.

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