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I'm so glad I attended a Christian Science Sunday School...

From the September 1981 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I'm so glad I attended a Christian Science Sunday School and grateful for the devoted Sunday School teachers who encouraged my early growth in Science.

One time, while I was still young, I had a very heavy cold and cough. During Sunday School that week I was coughing quite a bit, so I apologized to my teacher. Her compassionate reply, I now realize, indicated that she was not accepting the material evidence as true about me. That was the last of the cold.

Marriage to a dear man as well as challenges in bringing up our three children have provided ample opportunities to apply the teachings of Christian Science. One day, during his first year at school, our elder son was accidentally hit on the head during play and knocked unconscious. I was phoned from school and told I would be picked up in an ambulance on its way to the hospital with our son. I had just enough time to phone a practitioner for help. Later, as I sat holding our son en route to the hospital, I thought: Who is telling me this about my little boy? Not God. No, God holds His children forever secure and perfect. More inspiration came as we sped to the hospital, so that by the time we arrived, I had lost all fear for the child's well-being. At that point, part of Hymn No. 148 (Christian Science Hymnal) came to mind: