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From the September 1981 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The earth-weights
of time and space
waylay and rob me
of my peace and joy and love
in the rush and crush and push
of self-centered life style—

but, wait,
my soul,
upon your God.

Be still:
then the melodies of Soul,
with their cadences countless,
sound the depths of the silence
of my heart,
drawing forth the pulsating, vital Christ treasures
only the Mind named Love
can impart.

Ah, yes,
wait upon God,
O my heart, and mind, and soul—
serve Him with all the fullness
of your being.

this quietly active waiting upon (serving)
my God and my brother man
delivers me—sets me fully free—
from the depths of weighted-down self-thought.

For this
I thank Thee,
O Love divine!