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The members are the healers

From the September 1981 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Who should be the healers in the Christian Science movement? Should only the listed practitioners fulfill the foundational role in Churches of Christ, Scientist—that of healing the sick and cleansing the sinner?

By no means, says Mrs. Ruth Elizabeth Jenks, Manager of The Mother Church's Department of Practitioners and Nursing Activities. All who join The Mother Church, she says, should be striving toward the goal of healing others.

She cites Mrs. Eddy's words from the Manual of The Mother Church: "Healing the sick and the sinner with Truth demonstrates what we affirm of Christian Science, and nothing can substitute this demonstration. I recommend that each member of this Church shall strive to demonstrate by his or her practice, that Christian Science heals the sick quickly and wholly, thus proving this Science to be all that we claim for it."Man., Art. XXX, Sect. 7.