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Healing the unhealed

From the October 1982 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Again and again prayerful reliance on God in the light of the teachings of Christian Science has brought healing quickly and permanently. Sometimes, however, a devoted follower of Christ Jesus' teachings may struggle for months seeking healing for a particular problem that has not yielded to prayer. The question arises, "What more can be done to prove God's healing power?"

The answer may lie in deepening our capacity to "worship the Father in spirit and in truth," John 4:23. as Jesus put it. This involves making fresh discoveries of God's incorporeal nature as infinite Spirit and His perfection as almighty Truth. It leads us to an enlarged awareness of man's actual spirituality as God's exact expression, indestructible, whole, and complete. Expanding our spiritual understanding of God and man in this way leads to God-given dominion over all that appears to be material.

Perhaps the difficulty is that we are continuing to look for life, health, and happiness in matter instead of developing the conviction of man's present spirituality within God's allness. Instead of hanging on to the popular viewpoint that life is material and limited, subject to sickness and discord of all kinds, and trying to change poor matter into better matter, let us stand firmly and joyfully with the enlightened understanding of man's perfect, immortal individuality, completely outside of matter.