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Real communication

From the October 1982 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Modern technology has made rapid communication a fact of life. SSTs (supersonic transports) can fly the Atlantic in a few hours. We can have news from anywhere in the world almost instantly. Speeches given in one country are sent via satellite and translated while they are still going on. We are inundated by information.

Yet all too often the message just doesn't get across, and the credibility gap remains unbridged. This is true between generations and individuals as well as between nations. People can live in the same house and still not communicate. Words by themselves are clearly not enough. Words can obstinately remain "just words," without making any real impact on thought.

Putting communication on a Christianly scientific basis demands much more than the bridging of distance, the mastery of language, or the interchange of material information, however efficient. The most effective communication can come only with the recognition of our common source—one divine, creative Mind, or God, who forever expresses Himself in individual man.