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Mothering where you'd least expect it

From the May 2004 issue of The Christian Science Journal

My secretary was in tears when I left for another job. She said she'd never had a kinder boss. At another company, longtime employees invited me to their farewell party — even though I was the one who'd recommended that their jobs be eliminated.

I'm no paragon of management techniques, but I have explored the spiritual meaning of mothering, and the results of using what I've learned have been consistently good by any business standard.

Good working relationships, I've found, spring from something much more lasting than performance, personal chemistry, or control. They come from the love that God continually expresses to Her children. The divine Mother-Father puts people together in ways that bless — that engender compassion and trust, as well confidence and success. And this divine nurturing is often what's needed for a business to function effectively and efficiently.