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A time of spiritual renewal

From the October 2005 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I had been employed as a caregiver in the private residence of a Christian Scientist for about a year, when a situation developed that caused me extreme mental anguish as well as physical pain. I became very weak and could not keep food down. My stomach was in knots and swelled up so that I could not wear my regular pants. This condition also caused severe back pain.

After two days, I went to a nearby Christian Science nursing facility. I prayed and studied in this quiet, healing atmosphere with the prayerful help of a Christian Science practitioner.

While there, I read an account in one of the Christian Science magazines of a woman who was helping other people through prayer. A young college student had come to her, seeking healing from a condition of severe upset stomach. The practitioner asked God for help. God's answer, she related, was: Heal resentment. When the practitioner prayed along those lines, the college student was healed.