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From the October 2005 issue of The Christian Science Journal

More than two billion Christians worldwide know the Holy Ghost as the third aspect of the trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Mary Baker Eddy wrote: "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost mean God, man, and divine Science. God is self-existent, the essence and source of the two latter, and their office is that of eternal, infinite individuality."  Message to The Mother Church for 1900, p. 5. Those versed in the trinity generally have no difficulty relating to its first two aspects—Father and the Son. However, many feel less certain about the nature and function of the Holy Ghost. Yet to leave divine Science, the law of God, out of this tri-unity would be to miss a core aspect of the divine individuality.

Suppose, for example, we were to use our solar system metaphorically to represent the trinity—the sun representing God, the planets representing man (meaning all God's creation), the law of gravity representing divine Science. Clearly, the elimination of that third element of law would ultimate in chaos, since law establishes and maintains the exact position of each planet in its orbit, and in relation to the sun and all fellow planets. It's law that links, or relates, everything in the universe harmoniously, that establishes and sustains order.

To the material senses, law appears to be material. So the Holy Ghost, or divine Science, can only be understood as we turn from material sense perception to spiritual sense, and discern the true nature of law—as spiritual. In the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mrs. Eddy explained, "The term Science, properly understood, refers only to the laws of God and to His government of the universe, inclusive of man."  Science and Health, p. 128. The premise that man, the universe, and law are material was disproved thousands of years ago in the lives of the Biblical patriarchs and prophets—and, of course, Christ Jesus and his followers. Jesus was the greatest demonstrator of the unreality of matter and material law. Conscious of his spiritual origin and identity; consciously living his earthly life—not within the limits of matter's three dimensions but in a spiritual dimension—Jesus illustrated and demonstrated the human ability to transcend matter by reflecting divine power.  In fact, he expressed absolute dominion over matter and its so-called laws.

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