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From the June 2006 issue of The Christian Science Journal

A DAY AFTER GRADUATING from Florida State University, stuffed everything he owned—including a diploma in Film and Broadcasting—into his car, a tiny green Geo Storm, and headed for Hollywood. He had no idea what kind of career he wanted, only that he wanted to work in the entertainment business.

Over the next two weeks Gregor landed his first job, as a videotape librarian. He moved on to production assistant and then producer on the reality TV series Blind Date. But he wasn't happy.

Like any parent, Gregor's dad, felt concern for his son's plight. So he prayed. As a result, father and son deepened their e-mail correspondence, which had started when Gregor left home. And it continues today. During Gregor's "tough times," Keith shared some ideas about life, God, and spiritual identity. Gregor says these ideas played a significant part in helping him bring his life into focus.